Affiliations & Strategic Tie-ups 


  • Genser is partnered with Stirling Dynamics Ltd, UK to deliver Engineering Services to the Global Aerospace Industry.

  • Genser Aerospace (India) and (UK) have signed an Agreement to work together in the field of supply chain solutions for aerospace.

  • Genser is partnered with MAINtag, France to deliver solutions in the field of RFID Applications in Aerospace.

  • Genser promotes NAL’s aircraft design and testing capabilities globally and liaises for associated certification and engineering programmes

  • Genser has Teaming Agreement with Accord Software and Systems, India for two-way resource sharing in the area of Embedded Systems, GPS and Avionics.

  • Genser has Teaming Agreement with BAeHAL Software Ltd., India for two-way resource sharing by contributing respective core strength areas.

  • Genser, under an MoA with Philotech, offers high end, aircraft & systems engineering services

  • Genser is partnered with Newmerical Technologies International, Canada with a view to creating an NTI-Genser Aerodynamics & Icing Excellence Centre in India.

  • Genser provides marketing & product support to STG Aerospace, UK for fitment of the award winning specialty aircraft products like “Photo Luminescent Path-Marking System” and a “fit-for-life emergency battery system” ( WEPPS : Wireless Emergency Primary Power System) .

  • A SIATI Member Company

  • Genser has a unique relationship with Mission Aerospace Foundation of India, as its promoter and founder member.

  • Genser holds share in Rupesh Technologies Pvt. Ltd, a captive manufacturing facility.



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